Puppy Guarantee/Contract

 This guarantee is for the health and welfare of your new puppy. We have established a reputation for having healthy, sound-minded dog/puppies with superior temperaments. If you think we are strict, it is only because we care! We have invested a lot of love, time, and money into these dogs/puppies. We only want what is best for them. It is not our intention to offend the buyer. If this does, we are probably not the breeder for you.


 The SELLER, known as Second Wind German Shepherds, attests to the health of: ______________________________(name of puppy)
from the litter of: _____________________ x ___________________________ born on: ________________________ (date).

Sire name: __________________________________________

AKC#: __________________________

Dam name: __________________________________________

AKC#: __________________________

The BUYERS are ___ __________________________________.

Second Wind German  Shepherds attests that this puppy is in excellent health and weight at the time of purchase.

This puppy has been seen and examined by a licensed veterinarian.

Veterinarian name: ____________________________________

Veterinarian address: __________________________________


Veterinarian license#: __________________________________

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This veterinarian has performed the following:

1. a complete physical examination, checking for any physical abnormalities or congenital problems including: eyes, ears, hernias, heart murmurs, etc.

2. administering of vaccinations
3. administering of a wormer
4. checked testicles (in males) to see if descended and reported findings

The buyer, ________________________, must have this puppy examined within 72 hours of the purchase date. NO EXCEPTIONS! Please make arrangements in advance for your puppy’s appointment. If you don’t have this puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of the purchase date, your guarantee is null and void. Again, NO EXCEPTIONS!

You are totally responsible for the health, care, and feeding of your puppy from the time you leave our premises. If, after seeing your veterinarian, a problem arises, contact Second Wind German Shepherds immediately.


Any problems must be reported directly to us. You must have written confirmation of the problem from a licensed veterinarian. Examinations of a new puppy are at the buyer’s expense. There must be permission given by the buyer in order for us to contact your veterinarian to discuss any problem.


If it is determined that a legitimate problem exists, and it is discovered within the first 72 hours after purchase, you will be offered a refund or puppy from a future litter. The puppy that is in question must be returned to the breeder at the buyer’s expense. If a legitimate problem arises after the 72 hour period, no cash refund will be offered; only a replacement puppy from a future litter will be offered. If you choose to keep the puppy/dog in question, you must return the AKC registration papers to Second Wind German Shepherds before a new puppy will be given and the puppy/dog in question MUST be neutered (proof of this will be required).

The dogs of Second Wind German Shepherds are in excellent health. We offer a two year guarantee on your puppy’s hips and health as long as the following conditions have been met:

1. A licensed veterinarian has examined the puppy within 72 hours of the purchase date. NO VET TECH OR BREEDER’S OPINIONS ARE VALID.

2. A copy of this contract has been completed and signed by the buyer and returned to Second Wind German Shepherds.

3. The puppy has been kept on the recommended brand of dog food: _____________________________________(to be completed by SELLER).

Note: The only exception is if the new owner plans to switch to a total Raw Diet. Contact Breeder in the event of switching to a Raw Diet for help and advice. We highly

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recommend this feeding program.

· Many degenerative diseases are directly linked to poor nutrition. Save receipts from food purchases to confirm puppy has been kept on same food as breeder sent home with puppy.

4. You can provide records of up-to-date veterinarian checkups. Breeder recommends limited vaccinations. Please do a titer every year to check immunity levels. (See new vaccination protocol on

Lyme Disease is prevalent in many areas. The breeder/seller is not responsible if your dog’s ailments are due to Lyme Disease. This is a horrible, painful, life-threatening disease produced by tick bites. Take all precautions to prevent this disease.


**This breeder cautions the use of extreme chemical products to prevent flea/tick infestation. We have had reports of adverse reactions from commercial, veterinarian recommended flea/tick products. In certain dogs with sensitivities, they have produced seizures and death. This breeder recommends researching “natural” and “holistic” prevention products. Have periodic Lyme Disease tests done on your pet.


This puppy guarantee runs 24 months from the date of purchase. No guarantees are transferable and there will be no third party deals or transactions. This guarantee applies only to the purchaser (name on bill of sale).


Failure to abide by the above stipulations will void the buyer’s guarantee. Seller is never responsible for any vet expenses, including medications or vitamin supplements. Buyer is responsible for all transportation fees.



1. Contact Second Wind German Shepherds.


2. Provide copies of initial exam performed by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of the purchase date.


3. Give permission for our veterinarian and Second Wind German Shepherds to contact your veterinarian.


4. The breeder reserves the right to ask for a second opinion from a different veterinarian. The breeder is responsible for this expense. The breeder is NOT responsible for any second opinions requested by the buyer.


5. An evaluation will be determined by a licensed veterinarian.


6. In the event of a health problem/congenital defect, a new puppy will be offered only after the buyer returns the AKC registration papers of the dog in question. If old enough, the dog in question must be spayed or neutered. Proof of this will be required. Only after these requirements have been met will a new puppy be issued. No cash refunds apply.


7. Breeder reserves the right to request a DNA test be done on said puppy to ascertain whether this is a Second Wind German  Shepherds puppy. Breeder will provide an AKC DNA test kit to be done by a licensed veterinarian at Breeder’s expense.


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No refunds will be made for just changing your mind. Families need to know in advance if a child/family member is allergic to a dog. A puppy is a lifelong commitment, and we ask you to be certain you are in a position to properly care for a new puppy. In either event we will make an effort to recover funds if we are able to place the puppy, minus expenses incurred. There is no guarantee that the amount refunded will be the original sales price. If a puppy is returned, our vet will evaluate the puppy to be certain that nothing is wrong. If advertising fees are incurred, these too will be deducted from the refund amount. We rarely have to do this. In the past, a few circumstances occurred out of the family’s control. We do not breed to have the puppies re-homed; we want the home you give this puppy to be the forever home. Please be sure that you are ready for a new puppy.


Second Wind German Shepherds adult dogs are AKC DNA certified.


We do not sell puppies as “show” dogs. Some of our dogs have gone on to do so and have accomplished great things. We do not guarantee show quality dogs. Our goal is to provide the buyer with the “Ultimate Gentle Family Guardian”.


This puppy is eligible for registration with the AKC (American Kennel Club). Currently we sell our puppies with an AKC Limited Registration (spay/neuter). AKC Limited Registrations do not allow breeding rights. We RARELY sell AKC Full Registrations. In the event that we would consider this, a very strict, separate full registration contract is required. We would never consider an AKC Full Registration to commercial breeders, puppy mills, people breeding multiple breeds, or other such facilities. It is very uncommon that we sell breeding rights.


Breeder practices natural, holistic dog care and provides a Raw Diet. We highly recommend and approve of this approach to dog care.


If at any time you are unable to keep your puppy/dog, contact Second Wind German Shepherds immediately to help place the pet in a new home. Under NO circumstances is this puppy/dog to be given over to a shelter or similar facility.


I have read this puppy guarantee/contract in its entirety. I understand and agree to all conditions set forth by the breede





_________________________________ ____________________
Signature of buyer(s) Date
_________________________________ ____________________
Signature of breeder Date














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