What is so special about a Morgan puppy? I soon found out! I got two of them they are very affectionate, happy dogs. Easy to train – I trained two of them at the same time. They are very smart & they could problem-solve things on their own. One of them helps me round up & put away my chickens, no problem. They are very good watchdogs; I never feel unsafe when I’m home alone. They are what a G.S. should be in attitude & personality. I wish I could have ten more. They are my loyal friends.
 - from Janet, one happy Morgan puppy owner
…I love Sasha and I’m so happy I was able to get her from you.  She is a beautiful dog (and I will send pictures) and is also a lot of fun but can be a handful sometimes.  She is extremely intelligent and loves to play pretty much all day every day.  She is getting pretty big (about 65lbs.) and I don’t think she’s done growing at all… Sasha is wonderful, beautiful and has become my best friend without a doubt.

 - from Matt. Here are pictures of his beautiful dog:


Hi Sandy, Rocky is doing great!!!

This Black and Silver GSD couldn’t have come to us at a better time. I don’t know if you remember, but our GSD Shana had passed away about 1 month before we were able to find Rocky. Rocky was able to bring some happiness back into our home during some trying times.
Rocky is now approaching 15 months, and is already becoming a loyal and loving GSD with our family. Wherever we are in our home you will see Rocky by our side, or lying at our feet.
He is also starting to show signs of becoming a very good watch dog. We enjoy Rocky, and love him very much. We are happy to have him as a part of our family. Rocky is a very happy Pup with a great temperament.
Everywhere we take him; we are stopped and told how beautiful he is. He also is very smart, and easy to train. Just recently our Veterinarian commented on how great he looks which made us feel really good. Rocky is everything we wanted in a GSD. He is always ready to play, and have some fun. It took some time for him to get used to car rides, but now he loves them.
During the quiet times he is also right there with you. As strong and outgoing as Rocky is he will lay right down beside you, and cuddle.
I love coming home at the end of the day to spend time with this boy, and someday would like to have another, so he can have a partner to enjoy, and play with. Thank you Sandy Rowland for caring enough, and taking the time to raise happy and healthy German Shepherds.

Fred, Debbie, Vince, and Rocky

Here are pictures of Rocky:




Two years ago we got a puppy from one of Meadow's litters.  She's a sable german shepherd who has become a beautiful, well-adjusted part of the family.  Tasha is so smart and she is just a really great friend.  Tasha picked out her own name by responding to the name she wanted.  She is a funny dog that can moo like a cow and she even makes funny faces, which make me laugh.  She loves long walks and gets along well with other dogs.  She is a great dog.

Danny, Joan and Julie

Here are pictures of Tasha:






You provided our family with an amazing addition. Jake is friendly, smart, loyal and also handsome. He transitioned wonderfully into our home. He is especially fond of my daughter. Jake is a well adjusted dog with great temperment. I believe the great start he had with you made all this possible. We continued the holistic approach to feeding him. His coat is shiny and the most beautiful colors. He was well behaved at puppy class and we plan more training for him. I have no doubt he can accomplish whatever we plan for him. He's sitting at my feet as I write this, chewing on his toys. We are very happy and pleased. Thank you for such a great shepherd!

Dan, Wendy, Danny and Miranda





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